Supervolcano: The Fire of Lust

Of all lifegroup discussion topics to deal with, this one may be the most difficult. We will talk about it in this session, but please know that nobody is required to share anything that they don’t want to.

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Supervolcano: It’s What’s In You

The Supervolcano miniseries kicked off this past Sunday!  This 3-part message series will uncover some key issues that boil just beneath the surface of each of us, waiting to explode.  Jesus identified them himself, and warns us of the coming destruction. But he also provides a way to kill the supervolcano!

Did you know you can watch and/or listen to each message? They are available on our website.  You can watch the latest message, and you can browse to find any message dating back several years.

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I Will Make Disciples

“I have been a Christian most of my life, but only recently I realized that ‘disciple’ can be a noun and a verb, and I am called to both.” Is this really true? Is it possible that the term “disciple” refers to both identity and activity in our lives?

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I Will Love Others

I had to answer my daughter’s really difficult question.  You’d think it would be an easy answer, but the real answer is… Messy. And Jesus is okay with that.

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I Will Love God

What does it really mean to “Love God?”  Everyone is happy to say that they love Him, but few can or will actually define what that means. It is hard enough to define what it means to love your family or your spouse… So how do we know if we actually “love God?”

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Find Hope in Holiday Stress

Yep.. it is that time of year again.  Our tree is up, and my wife has already been playing lots of Christmas music around the house. We made it through Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to Christmas, and the new year.

MOST of our holiday time is happy, but SOME of it is definitely stressful.  Can you relate?  How do you find hope in the holidays?

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Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello

Over the last two weeks, Maina Mwaura has been bringing some powerful messages.  I’ve heard so much positive feedback, that I thought we should take a break from our Year Of The Bible discussion, and talk about “Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello.”

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