[Podcast] Holy Impossible


Why would God punish my sins?  Is my sin somehow threatening to God?  Doesn’t God want me to be with him?

[Podcast] Great Land, Great Leader


There is a lot of talk about leadership today.  Did you know that as a believer, you are by definition a leader?  Jesus commissions you to lead people to himself.  This is a big responsibility!  So, let’s take a look at Israel’s greatest Old Testament leader and see if we can learn a few key tips and tricks from him.

Who is our competition?


That’s the question I was asked by a church consultant at a recent meeting.

We were discussing future plans for our facilities, and what kind of size, features, visibility, and “curb appeal” we might want to have in a new building, when we build one.  He told us it was important to have these, since there was a “lot of competition up here in Ellijay.”  That’s when he asked that question.  “Who is your competition up here?”

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[Lifegroup Discussion] Wilderness Wrap-Up, Part 2


Read Moses’ song from Deuteronomy 32:1-43 aloud as a prayer.

Do you remember the context of this sermon/song?  What was happening here?

The main context here is that Moses is giving his “farewell address” to the people before he kicks off. In his big goodbye, Moses has’ two predominant themes:

  • Remembering vs. forgetting (which we discussed last week)
  • Choosing to obey God vs. choosing to disobey (which we’ll talk about tonight.)

Moses returns to these two ideas over and over again in Deuteronomy.  In his mind, these are the two big ideas for a new generation to adopt before entering the Promised Land. But, Moses isn’t the only author who uses these themes.  We see these ideas repeatedly remind us of God’s faithfulness in the past, and encourage us to keep the covenant. Not only that, but Israel’s failures are usually tied to their forgetfulness and their disobedience to the covenant laws. If you learn anything from Moses’ Book of the Torah, it should be this: Obey God and you will live and prosper, but disobey God and you will suffer and die.”

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[Lifegroup Discussion] Wilderness Wrap-Up, Part 1


Let’s talk about how we’re doing on our reading!  We are more than seven weeks into our “Year of the Bible.”  Does it seem longer?

How are you finding time to work your reading in?  How do you manage it with kids, job, and all your other daily pressures?  Maybe the group can share some strategies, tips, or tricks with each other?

This week we’re moving from Numbers to Deuteronomy.  We are about to finish up the Torah section of Scripture!  How is everybody doing?  Are you ahead?  Behind?  Why don’t we all take this opportunity to sync up?  If you are a week or more behind, why don’t you skip ahead and begin Deuteronomy with us this week?

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Encore: Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University will change your life! Sherry and I went through this 10-week class last year, and it has changed our financial picture.  I promise, it is WORTH your time and money investment.  We honestly feel like we got a raise, because we have more money at the end of each month.  We have paid off some lingering debt, AND we give at a higher level.  Does that sound like a change you would like to have in your own life?

The Orchard Church is offering this class again, starting next month. Give it a shot!  It will change your perspective on money, and you will learn to live like nobody else lives!

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[Podcast] Learning To Trust

learntotrustOur relationship with God was broken almost right at the beginning of the story, and it needs to be restored.  But, restoring that relationship is not an easy task.  What does it take?

[Lifegroup Discussion] God’s Blessing


It’s okay to say it… The Book of Numbers is pretty boring.  At least the first 10 chapters, anyway. But, after Moses’ census of Israel, the book becomes a history of the journey from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land.  As their difficult journey begins, the people get into a pattern of grumbling and complaining to God about a variety of things. They are hungry, thirsty, tired, etc.  They actually wish to be enslaved back in Egypt, instead of being free, and heading to the Promised Land.  God hears their grumbling and is ridiculously patient with them, allowing them to follow their disobedient desires and feel the full weight of the consequences.

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[Lifegroup Discussion] How To Be Holy

Last week we focused on the two complementary sides of salvation: God redeemed Israel out of slavery and into holy life in the Promised Land. The forty years in the wilderness between leaving Egypt and entering the land were a sort of 40-year training plan in how to become a holy nation.
God’s good plans for Israel and the world involved much more than simply not being slaves. His plan was to transform the freed slaves into the most loving, just, righteous people the world had ever seen. It was to be the ultimate ashes to glory story. In fact, they were to become such a special and impressive nation that the rest of the world would come ask them, “What is the secret to your success?” And to this they would respond, “Making Yahweh our king and living according to his good commands.” In this way, they would truly be a kingdom of priests, connecting the rest of the world to God.
So what did this holy calling entail exactly? What did it mean to be holy?

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[Podcast] In The Beginning


With The Bible, God is telling a story.  What is He trying to say?  What is He trying to show us?  How does your story fit in to His “Big Story?”

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In The Beginning


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