[Lifegroup Discussion] We Want A King


This week, we transitioned from the Judges period of Israel’s history to the beginning of the kings. These king-centric narratives begin with the amazing story of Ruth, where we see God’s kindness to a faithful foreigner through Boaz. The book of Ruth previews the coming story by providing us a genealogy that tells us that she is the great-grandmother of Israel’s greatest king ever, David.

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[Podcast] Home


The Big Story ends up with the final two major plot points; Satan and sin exit, and God lives with his redeemed.


[Podcast] The Church


After 5 weeks of rediscovering God’s Big Story, we finally reach the point of exploring where you and I fit in.  And, it turns out we play a HUGE role in His Story!  But, for some reason, we have forgotten how huge it is.  What happened?  What is our role in His Story, and why is it important to us today?


[Lifegroup Discussion] Moral Relativism


This week, we ended the book of Joshua and began the book of Judges — a book that is depressing, hard to read, and at times downright disturbing. Did you have trouble with it this week?

Judges describes a very different culture and environment than Joshua, doesn’t it? Look back at one of the final statements in the book of Joshua…

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[Podcast] Holy Possible


Sorry this installment is late! Here is Jason Turner bringing the OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN from last week’s message, “Holy Impossible.”


[Lifegroup Discussion] Week 10: Take A Breath


We’re ten weeks in, and have just wrapped cup the Torah (the first five books of the Bible.) Let’s pause and take a moment to reflect and regroup.

I am so glad you have chosen to be part of a life group. We are building something together here… A community that is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. We are practicing part of the Great Commandment here, and being transformed into what Jesus wants us to become.

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“The Shack:” Uncovered

This is an excellent message on the very dangerous heresies found in The Shack. Everyone that believes in Jesus needs to understand this.

Don’t drug yourself up on a fictional god. Instead, fall in love with the One True God!

Thank you, Dr. Youssef!

[Podcast] Holy Impossible


Why would God punish my sins?  Is my sin somehow threatening to God?  Doesn’t God want me to be with him?