Jesus: God With Us

Normally, we think of this concept at Christmas time.

O come, O come, Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here,
Until the Son of God appear.

“Emmanuel” means “God with us,” a title from the Old Testament given symbolically to Jesus. This symbolic name reminds us that God Himself clothed himself in the person of Jesus for us.

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Jesus As Israel?

The narratives of the gospels really present a different type of reading for us, don’t they?  Matthew’s gospel, in particular, is very unique in the way he represents Jesus to us. Today we are going to look carefully and read deeply to see how Matthew ties Jesus to the Old Testament story of Israel, bridging the gap between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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The Story So Far- Part 2

It has taken nearly eight months, but we have finally reached the end of the Old Testament!  How is your group partying this week?

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The Story So Far: Part 1

After about 8 months of being in the “Year of the Bible,” we are finally about to move out of the Old Testament.  The Book of Chronicles marks the end of the Hebrew Scriptures.  It is sort of a look back at the story up to now, going back through Israel’s journey from the viewpoint of those Jewish survivors involved in the mostly unsuccessful “return from exile” that we read about in Ezra – Nehemiah.

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Malachi: New Start, Same Pattern


Welcome back!

It is hard to believe it is August.  School is now back in session, and our life groups are restarting after their summer hiatus.  I know a few of you have kept going throughout. Way to go.  This week we start back with our weekly Year of the Bible Discussion questions.

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[Lifegroup Discussion] Job, Part 2

Last week, we started the book of Job. We looked at what happened to him, and the response of Job’s friends.

This week we will focus in on God’s response to Job, and see how it relates to our lifegroup. In Job 38, God finally responds to Job and his three friends after 37 chapters of silence. What God says might be surprising, and maybe a little disheartening.

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[Lifegroup Discussion] More Prophetic Rewind (Jonah)

This week, we have begun reading a number of the minor, pre-exile prophets. These prophets were sent by God to very specific people (often kings) or situations to speak words of warning and comfort and to encourage Israel to covenant faithfulness. During our time, we will focus in on the most unique and strange of the minor prophetic books, Jonah.

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[Podcast] Judgmental Christians


We hate judgmentalism, right?  Would it surprise you to know that Jesus actually encouraged it?  His problem wasn’t with having judgment, it was something else.