North Campus ReLaunched!

The relaunch of our North Campus was a big success this week! After being closed down for a few weeks over the holidays, we have reworked lots of aspects of that environment, and we have re-opened it with a fresh approach!

There is all-new signage, better room set-up, TVs instead of a projector, three types of seating, and upgraded coffee drinks! (we got an espresso machine!)

Most importantly, our goal here is to provide a place for people who don’t feel comfortable in a “churchy” environment. We all know people that have been burned by the baggage that tends to come along with church… Judgementalism, legalism, arguments, and another generation’s music. We simply desire to present Jesus without the baggage!

Thank you so much to all our team… Hospitality, setup, and staff alike. AND a special “thank you” to Greg and Ashley Gronholm for leading worship there!


Also, Thanks, Aaron Hauck for letting us dress you up like Jesus and make you walk around with smelly luggage while we took pictures and laughed.

There were 60 people present at the relaunch on Sunday. My hope is that this environment continues to grow as we always try to do things nobody is doing in order to reach people nobody is reaching.

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