What’s The Youth Pastor Story?


You may know that I just spent a lot of the summer speaking at camps.  I did this partly just to have an excuse to meet youth pastors, and to see what direction God might lead us in.  I talked with a lot of people about what was happening in youth ministry. Several expressed an interest in having a discussion about youth ministry at The Orchard Church.

One guy is currently in conversation with us.  He is young, and is just finishing up at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We’ve talked several times and we are right now trying to work through the details to get him up here within the next few weeks for an initial visit so we can better get to know each other, and so he can have a look around here to see who we are, and what the real story here is.

Our next steps would be to pray, to have this weekend visit, pray more, and see what doors God opens next.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get a group of parents of teenagers together to start talking and praying together about youth ministry, but it seems that the new school year schedule is kind of keeping that from really happening right now.  Maybe next week.

Please be praying about this important position at The Orchard Church.  Plus, if you know of anyone that might be interested in that job, we are still accepting applications!  Just let me know!