Jesus was a Marxist?


Last week’s post by popular atheist author CJ Welerman’s makes the contention that political conservatives (Republicans) stand at odds with the values that Jesus espoused.

Eighty percent of Democrats and 52 percent of independents said Jesus would support universal healthcare. Indeed it’s hard to imagine Jesus would deny care to those who lack the financial means to enjoy the comfort of our for-profit capitalist healthcare industry. But that’s not the Jesus Republicans know. Only 23 percent of Republicans believe Jesus would support healthcare for all.

“I was sick and you looked after me….I tell you the truth, whatever you do the least of my brothers, you also do for me,” Jesus said.

“Whatever,” Republicans say.

The Bible makes it clear Jesus was a Marxist before Marxism had a name.

The author of God Hates You, Hate Him Back, and other books goes on to compare what Jesus says to the typical Republican stance on taxes on the rich, gun laws, gay marriage, and abortion.  He concludes that the Democrats actually stand closer to Jesus’ values that the Republicans do.  You can read the full article for yourself right here.

As for me, I don’t think that Jesus’ words about caring for “the least of these” were intended for governments and economic systems.  I don’t think that Jesus was intending to set up any kind of political system at all… Conservative or liberal.  Jesus set up an organization to do exactly what he was talking about… It is the Body of Christ.  So, before we pick political sides and lob bombs at the other, shouldn’t we ask the question, “Are WE, the Body, living out Jesus’ mandate?  Am I, as a Christ-follower, living out the gospel in my life as He intended?”  What do you think?  Hit me up in the comment section.

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