Not Just Talk


It is great to be part of a church that doesn’t just TALK it… We WALK it.  We always talk about “making the gospel relevant,” and sometimes it can feel like we think that means that we dress “socially appropriate” and sing newer songs with a band.  But in reality, making the gospel relevant is all about taking the Good News of Jesus straight into someone’s life in the most practical way possible.

For some, that means bringing food in the name of Jesus.  For others, that may mean listening and praying for someone going through a difficult struggle in their lives.  In some cases it might mean helping someone move, or sharing a particular verse, admonishing sin, or carrying someone’s burden.  In all cases, it means that we meet people right where they are, and help them become what God wants them to become.  And He always wants us to become people of repentance and faith.  That is the application of the gospel.  How are you making the gospel relevant?

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