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This post is about The Orchard Church moving from Portable to Permanent.  For more details, see my video explanations, and hear my podcast about it from a few Sundays ago.

The Orchard Church is raising $90,000 in 90 days to make the move from portable to permanent. For all the details, check my earlier blog entry right here.

A few weeks ago, my lifegroup asked several really good questions about this process and how it works.  Over the last week or two, people have raised some other legitimate questions about this process, and how it all works.  I thought I would try to answer them here.

Do we need the full $90,000 in hand to get a contract?

Not exactly.  We will do our best to ink a contract as soon as we are reasonably certain we have pledges to get us there.  The contract will be based on the faith that the remainder of the pledged money will come in by the middle of December.

Do we need the full amount to close the deal?

Yes.  At closing, all money changes hands.  We can’t do the deal without the up-front cash in hand.  Our $90,000 goal includes some money for a little “smart marketing” to tell our community about our move. If necessary, we can close for about $80,000 or so, we think.

What is the “standard” gift?  How much should I pledge?

That is between you and God!  People have pledged everything from a few hundred dollars all the way up to 15,000. As always, we urge you to pray about it.  We are stretching our faith to do this, and we hope you will join us in this faith move.

When should I give my pledged amount?

As soon as you can!  We can’t move without cash in hand. Most people are already giving incrementally on regular intervals, fulfilling their entire pledge by our end date, December 15.

If we don’t do the deal, will I get my money back?

We absolutely believe that this is going to happen!  All pledge money goes to get this done.  But, if for some unforseen reason we don’t do the deal, all money is being tracked and will be returned.

DO you have questions that haven’t been covered here?  Give us a chance to answer them!  Just hit me up in the comments, or email me and we’ll do our best to answer.  I’m praying for you, Orchard Church!

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