Portable to Permanent: Your Questions Answered

The Orchard church has been “portable” since we launched in April of 2009.  That may all be about to change.  You may already know that I have asked our partners and VIPs to pray and fast about exactly what our next step is.  We have met, talked, thought, and prayed together.  The excitement is starting to build and people are beginning to dream about what might happen next.

I’ve taken the time to make a few short videos to answer questions about moving from portable to permanent for you.  I hope you’ll take some time to watch them.  I’ve divided them up into bite-sized chunks so they are quick and easy.

I hope you will pray with us about our next big step!

Question 1: What’s all the buzz about?


Question 2: What’s our current situation?


Question 3: What is the actual deal?


Question 4: Is there a better deal elsewhere?


Question 5: How will the dismissal of the superintendent affect us?


Question 6: What is next?

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