YouVersion Bible App hits 100 Million


It’s great to see that the popular YouVersion Bible app that we use in our church services each week has been downloaded over 100 million times.  Isn’t that awesome?  This good article on the New York Times website shows that the Bible app is now in the realm of big tech startups like Dropbox.  You should take a few minutes to read it… I love this quote from founder, Bobby Gruenewald…

“We have a generation of people that can’t fathom paying 99 cents for a song that they love… And we were asking them to pay $20 for a book that they don’t understand.”

At The Orchard, we have been doing our best to encourage people to download and take advantage of this great tool for a couple of years now.  We aren’t trying to do something “new” just for it’s “cool” factor…  This past weekend, I was stuck in an Atlanta airport hotel for several hours.  As I walked around, everywhere I looked, people were reading, texting, updating Facebook, Tweeting, and yes, even talking on their mobile devices.

But nobody had a paper Bible.

Realistically, we won’t carry our paper Bibles around with us.  But we won’t leave the house without our mobile phone.  What if God wants to speak when you’re at the airport?  When you’re at work?  When you have a little down time between appointments?  I always say the best Bible translation is the one you will use… So, why not have the Youversion app with you, so you have access to ALL Bible translations, rather than just the one you can’t find in your closet? In addition, there are reading plans, videos, commentaries, and much more… All in your pocket wherever you go.

If you haven’t tried it out, check out Youversion right here.


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