Transforming Power

The Church Planters Conference in Cumming, GA on Monday and Tuesday was great. Mountain Lake Church simply does an awesome job at what they do.

The worship times were unbelievable, and I learned a whole lot. Summer, Doug, and I really loved hearing from Bob Roberts, who really encouraged us that God leads through broken people. He asked 500 church planters, “Is the Gospel powerful enough to transform your community?” Of course, the resounding answer all over the auditorium was an enthusiastic “YES!” We’re church planters… Planting the Gospel in a new, different way in communities is what we are all about! These are people of vision and drive. They dream of what God can do in a community through the power of the Gospel.

Then, he asked them, “Is the Gospel powerful enough to transform YOU?”

A hush fell over the crowd. Everyone paused, as the question sunk into our minds and hearts. Dr. Roberts said that church planting is not about our ability to speak, build teams, or put systems into place… It is about the ability of the Gospel to TRANSFORM ME into HIS image. Nothing else really matters.

What he said really lined up with the words of John the Baptist, who, toward the end of his ministry, verbalized the process by which we all glorify God: “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” (John 3:30) That’s what our process is all about. At The Orchard, we’re all about engaging in the process of CHANGE, GROW, and SERVE. When we do that, it results in less and less of us, which allows for more and more of HIM to consume us. It is a lifelong endeavor that will result in our being transformed into HIS image. (Romans 12:1-2)

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